Cultural Trainings

Cultural Competence is Important!

In order to successfully live up to the expectations of the company and counterparts and achieve the bottom-line goals, it is essential to have an understanding and awareness of the values, expectations and norms of the cultures we work with and not least to become aware of our own culture and how we might come across to our international collaboration partners and colleagues.

What do you gain when you participate in one of CPI’s cultural trainings?

  • The participants will gain knowledge and valuable information about what to be aware of when working across borders. Through cases and studies, we will discuss and explore general areas which you need to keep in mind in order to be successful when you work with your global counterparts.

  • The participants will look at similarities and differences in areas such as; decision-making, communication, viewing of time, hierarchy, interaction with others, what is the manager’s/subordinates roles and expectations, what is important to focus on if new implementations or changes is to be made, how do we interact, how we view change, etc.

  • If the employee (and family) is moving to another country, they will receive inside knowledge of how things work in the new country. E.g. local transportation, paying bills, net-working opportunities, how to go about establishing new friendships, where to locate activities of special interest, sports possibilities, medical & social structure, etc.

“All people are the same, it’s only our habits that are so different”


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